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Greater El Paso Tennis Assoc.

1 Tennis West Lane

El Paso, Tx.  79932

(915) 532-5524



Message from GEPTA President Larry Haugness

We tennis players are strange lot.  The majority of us love to play, yet, we aren’t very vocal in general about our  tennis passion. And we don’t seem to share this awesome sport with our friends or even our children. 

Think  about how many of your kids play tennis. The statistics are sad. We are selfish about the sport we love!! We only  talk about tennis to other tennis players.  Mention something at work.  Say something in the grocery store.  While  you are at the doctors’ office ask the person next to you if they have seen the new Tennis Channel. 

Yes, there is a Tennis Channel. Be sure to call your cable company expressing your support so we can get it here in El Paso.  This is  a test, how many of you will really call?  By the way, Time Warner’s number is 772-4422. 

If your kids don’t play take them out for an afternoon of family fun.  You don’t have to tell them that tennis develops more life building skills than any other sport.  El Paso has a perfect climate for tennis.  WE should have tons of people playing tennis.  The programs are in place, junior leagues, adult leagues, senior leagues. 

SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?  With everyone's help we could make El Paso a tennis town.  Healthier and happier people having a good time. Families doing  more together.  Sounds pretty good, huh? It’s time for tennis players to get vocal! 

Those of you that want to get involved with GEPTA please call the office.  We need volunteers to help grow the game and we need people for next year’ s Board.