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Team Young Goes To Sectionals

August 8, 2013 03:35 PM
Russell & Kristi in Team Young Gear
Russell, Heather, & Kristi Young

As our GEPTA teams prepare to head to sectionals in Albuquerque this week there is one GEPTA family that has put in 3 times the work to get ready. The Young family will have 3 family members representing El Paso at Sectionals. Kristi Young 3.5, Russell Young 3.5, and their daughter Heather 2.5 will all be vying for a trip to nationals with their respective teams.


We got a chance to talk to Kristi Young about the family’s love of the game and how tennis has brought this close family even closer.


GEPTA: Who is responsible for getting the family started playing tennis?

Kristi: A friend of ours, Diane Lunghi, invited me out to play and then I started on her 2.5 team. After my 1st full year of playing Russell got involved after the kids were all out of the house. We played Battle of the Clubs together with our team and we have been hooked ever since. Heather started playing earlier this year as well as our other daughter Megan.


GEPTA: Have any of you played any sports before picking up a tennis racquet?

Kristi: I played volleyball, softball and basketball in high school, Russell played baseball, and Heather played junior varsity volleyball and softball in high school as well. We had no clue about tennis until we started playing USTA League tennis about 3 years ago.


GEPTA: What is it about our sport and playing league that you love the most?

Kristi: The people are great. The friendships we have formed are priceless. For so long our lives revolved around the kids and when we started playing tennis it was about the time we could spend doing something together as a couple. Having our daughters play with us now is a bonus. I am spending time with them that I wouldn’t have gotten. Playing at the El Paso Tennis and Swim club is a form of entertainment for us; a healthy form of entertainment.


GEPTA: Who is the most competitive?

Kristi: I am. Russell isn’t far behind and Heather is getting there. Heather is a smart player and she is watching and learning.


GEPTA: What are some of your other family interest outside of tennis?

Kristi: We enjoy playing cards when we are at home. We have family interest rather than individual interest really. We have been married for 26 years and we have lived in El Paso for 22 of those years. When Russell is not at work it’s family time. We go to each other’s matches and everyone knows we are bringing an entourage.


GEPTA: Are you and Russell able to play mixed doubles together?

Kristi: Yes we can. I only have to tune him out when I hear "Come on, pick me up." When I’m serving I just can’t handle it mentally. I feel like saying "am I not doing enough?" It’s just too heavy for me. I usually hear it after he has missed a shot or is messing up. When I need to focus I just get quiet.


GEPTA: How long do you see yourself playing tennis?

Kristi: As long as we are able to play and are healthy. Tennis is such a great way to stay healthy and have fun outside. We love being outdoors and playing tennis.